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The 4th Annual DIEM opening reception by Mallery Roberts Morgan, Design Writer and Curator, Los Angeles Correspondent for Architectural Digest France and Executive Producer and Host of KCRW’s DnA: Design and Architecture, took place at Roche Bobois in West Hollywood, California Thursday, November 12, 2015.

DIEM: TALKS DESIGN is a one-day design symposium presented by the West Hollywood Design District offering culturally resonating discussions, panels and keynotes from leaders in the fields of design, decorative arts, fashion, architecture and fine arts.

Roche Bobois was founded in Paris in 1950. The company has partnered with luxury fashion houses such as Jean Paul Gaultier, Missoni Home and Sonia Rykiel Maison.  I’ve always had a love for their modern, innovative, sharp contemporary and unique luxury furniture so it was delicious to mingle in a huge showroom chock full of it.

Aaron Axelrod, an L.A.-based artist was on hand to create a live painting event for stylish guests nibbling on appies and sipping bubbly. Thanks to his parents, both educators, Axelrod got the chance to develop early on, leading to a body of multimedia work that has evolved from photorealism to experimental video to sculpture, installations and live performances. Paint flew in every directions ( even landing on the ceiling, oops!) A man going against style. We like it.

Beatrix Ost; muse, artist, writer, designer, actress and inspiring septuagenarian arrived from New York to kick off the event in style. Beatrix was a guest speaker for a discussion the next day moderated by Mallery Roberts Morgan entitled, “Forever Glam”. It’s all about older women in major fashion ad campaigns from Celine to Saint Laurent. But what’s the best way to stay forever glam– by being more flamboyant with passing years or tapping into understated elegance? How do we stay young and have style in the new golden years? Ost greeted me in a flowing long gold, back and brown skirt with black beaded top with peak-a-boo lace underneath and black platform boots. She layered a vintage fur and completed the look with a perfectly tied yellow turban which allowed for her signature lavender hair to peek through. (naturally – would you expect anything less?) She is inspirational, not just in the way she dresses but also in the way she carries herself. We’re talking about an effortlessly elegant woman who gracefully signs off all e-mails with, “In your body is a good place to be.” We need more unique figures like this in the world.  Ost was articulate, eloquent and wise, and from the moment she and artist friend Valerie Von Sobel entered the room everyone flocked to meet them. Sisters from another Mother indeed.

Look, it’s no easy task capturing moving targets at these events my friends. One must have a darting eye from all angles, capable of a quick sprint and most importantly to weed out style from the masses…and let’s not event talk about the ones that got away! Don’t be afraid to put your own unique spin on things. Be someone who would rather create their own fashions than follow the fashion. Grab your camera, set your auto-focus point (refer to your camera’s manual for info on this) to the exact center, aim at the subject’s chest area and snap away~

No one’s looking at you, dear: Except, hopefully they actually are…

DIEM: TALKS DESIGN is supported by Union Bank and Domino Magazine. For more information, please visit us at www.DIEMevent.com

Beatrix Ost in “No Sour Meadows” by Columbine Goldsmith – NOWNESS from NOWNESS on Vimeo.

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