The Food Stalker – Sandie Ward

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How far would you go to get what you want?

When it comes to food, Sandie Ward is willing to ditch her husband and wade through the ocean in her Louboutins to join a band of local fisherman in search of the best “Catch of the Day”. She’ll chase trains, planes and automobiles to get to that next food story.

Sometimes you just have to take a chance, no matter how many Designer shoes you loose, because only those willing to risk even their husband’s sanity get what they want, and no one wants that food tale more than Sandie.

There is always a story, behind the story, after all, and even the most unlikely kitchen filled with them. Whether a five-star chef with a penchant for bone sucking sauce or an aged olive farmer in the groves of Tuscany, each has an imprint on the foods we love and long to learn about. Except Sandie is willing to risk her marriage and her designer wardrobe to get to them, and doesn’t care what it requires, even the aid of an utter stranger.

I want to “Go to Oz” like Dorothy did and share with the world how I get there. I promise to keep you well informed. Savvy, Adventurous, even dangerous with a sense of humor and an insatiable craving for food and fashion …..yea, that’s THE FOOD STALKER and you never know where she’ll turn up next……….

So grab your fork and knife and get ready for the wildest food adventures ever with this wild fashion-crazed, food-seeking gal because once the scent strikes there’s no telling where it’ll take her–or how many therapy sessions her husband will need.

With an Italian background, she cites her Mother and grandmother ( Mamie ) as the major influence of her love for food.  Yes, homemade pasta hung from the clothesline in the kitchen and rolling 100 meat balls for a holiday dinner was the norm.  Raised in Pennsylvania. she spent time in Atlanta, Georgia and ultimately settled along the stunning coast of Laguna Beach, Ca. Self taught in everything, she learned to appreciate the amazing flavors, scents and uses for exotic herbs and spices and applies her knowledge to cooking today. Despite enjoying other creative endeavors like painting, photography and clothing design, she realized she would never love another career the way she loves all the stories surrounding food.  And it's capturing those stories that has not only become her greatest passion but a culinary drug worth passing around!  After all, food is a shared experience and no one better to share it with than the entire world. And thus the Food Stalker was born, utilizing all that passion and her fearlessness to capture even the most impossible stories. It's one thing to write about food, but far more exciting to actually capture it and all those stories that make every scent come to life.  And once she sets out, there's no stopping her, because no one follows that scent better than her---and no telling where she'll end up next.  

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