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Being a professional photographer can sometimes be a contradiction. You need to be the passionate creative artist and a thick-skinned ambitious business minded person. Toss in an understanding of ISO, white balance, F stops, aperture and shutter speed and it may be time to sling one back girlie style in high heels!

As my friend and photography instructor Gregg Cobarr states “ Photography is not in the equipment, but inside the person”. He believes intuition is key. I second that emotion Gregg.  I’ve been thrust into exciting new challenges involving luxury resorts, models, motorcycles, private jets and sexy automobiles and each time I’ve learned something new. Gregg shares the inspiring story of Rosie Hardy, a young English photographer who started using a camera when she was just 15 years old. She enjoyed the hobby, became more serious and loaded images on Flickr. Low and behold the megaband Maroon 5 recorded a new album “Hands All Over” and needed an image for the cover. BINGO! Her image was on display for the entire world. Living proof it can happen folks so don’t give up.

A recent field trip took me to downtown Los Angeles with Gregg’s students and a live model. It was exciting placing her in the shade, bright sun, running, jumping and leaning up against a kick ass vintage car. Every environment offered new challenges. (One of which was a completely wrinkled dress whereby I gave her my Jean Paul Gauthier and Givenchy shoes). Hey, like the boss man says, there is no excuse for not getting the image!

I thought I’d share a few tips of what I’ve learned along the way and for those of you interested in photography, turn off that computer and get outside where the wild things are. Feel the wind in your hair, a gentle breeze on your face and snap away. The creative process is a beautiful thing…

1) Believe in yourself – Experience as much as you can. Get out there and try to see the world in your own way. Be 51% of your greatest admirer and 49% of your greatest critic.

2) Meet as many people as you can – Seek out the advice of long-term well established photographers.

3) Find your voice – Of course others influence you but let this influence be just that. Interpret your images to fit your own language. With this as your base you can achieve consistency and develop your own style. We all see the world in a different way thank heavens.

4) Push the envelope to reinvent yourself – Photographs taken outside your comfort zone are more challenging and therefore more interesting. Remember, t’s not what you look at but what you see.

5) Find your niche – What sort of images do you like taking? What sort are you good at?   What are your hobbies? Where would you like to see your work?

6) Never stop working at it  – Study, talk, share, develop, look, learn, look…and look some more. Live and breathe photography. It meeds to be your passion if you are going to master the skills and enjoy it at the same time.

Bottom line, don’t give up. Placing yourself in challenging situations is bound to make you want to pull your hair out, kick the curb and toss that camera back into the bag. Photograph everything all the time – Practice makes perfect.

The more you give, the more you get…Sorta like life, eh?










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