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It hit – and not the winter storm in Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer but that dreaded “f” word – the Flu! Oh honey, I was down for the count with my chest and lungs more congested than the 405 freeway at rush hour. My body was aching with muscles I didn’t even know existed and worst of all – antibiotics couldn’t help. I’d take a long walk (from my bedroom to the living room) and check to see if it was as warm as my bed. NOT! Minutes later I was back to solitary confinement with my teeth chattering and a hacking cough. Your body just kind of takes over and puts you in a sleep coma. You’re out for hours and not even a sale at Barney’s or the apocalypse could wake you. My fingers didn’t have the energy to dance across the keyboard in search of my next stalker adventure and I abandoned the blog. As Mama used to say rest is best and whether you want it or not, sleep is the one thing you can do. Yada yada yada. You get the picture right? Now, let’s skip to the good part…

It’s hard to hold this domestic goddess down for long. At the beginning of what felt like the 100th day of my illness, I heard what I thought was a phone ringing. Was it real or a dream? You know the feeling. Turns out, one of my royal spy’s was on the other end of the phone asking “Where the Hell have you been? Tonight’s the 23rd ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL LOS ANGELES PHOTOGRAPHIC ART EXPOSITION, aren’t you coming?” Faster than you could say “Where Food & Fashion Collide” this stalker showered, shaved my legs, slipped on my Givenchy heels and was behind the wheel for a much-needed road trip, leaving the “house of sickness” far behind. (appropriately, Gloria Gaynor’s “I will Survive” tune pumped me up in the car).

Acclaimed as a showcase for the best in the photographic arts, photo l.a. is one of the most dynamic art fairs in the world. Galleries, private dealers and publishers have exhibited and include more than 200 lectures, panels and seminars. The event has influenced the transforming art/photography landscape of Los Angeles and showcased a fantastic collection of classic images produced by world-renowned photographers. However one interprets it, Classic Photography has always been an integral part of photo l.a., since its beginnings in 1992 at Butterfield’s (now Bonhams) Auction House. It presents the best classic photography around, and as Ansel Adams implies so eloquently, it celebrates those exceptional photographers who knew no bounds.

What a thrill to meet the legendary Douglas Kirkland who shared his book “A Fifty Year Love Affair with Photography: A Life in Pictures”. His career began when Look Magazine sent young Douglas on a mission to try meet and photograph Elizabeth Taylor who was returning to the public eye after a long hiatus. Seizing the opportunity, he tagged along with a journalist assigned to interview her. Upon meeting Miss Taylor, Kirkland took her hand refusing to let go, stating what these images would mean for his career. After a long pause she agreed and the rest as they say is history. His career was launched. When asked “Are photographers born or made” his reply was, “A photographer must be very organized, have your equipment working and you should have fun. Having passion and sensitivity you can learn a lot – but ultimately it’s what you do and how you connect with people that’s most important. It’s a one to one connection in finding those moments”. Well said Douglas. I’ll carry your camera bag anytime!

Look, a stalker can’t leave without having her picture taken for crying out loud.  And not just any picture mind you. One taken with a 140 year antique camera ( you know the manual, chemical dark room process thing ) was pure magic. Even Molly, the pampered VIP pup across the hall at Aesthesia Studios posed for the camera.

So Mr. Flu – “F.O.”…Flu Off! Go settle yourself down in some other deep dark place or better yet, try your luck somewhere else…

Special Congrats to Photographer pal Stephen Krupnick for winning 3rd place for his red barn image in Alaska. Follow him: http://travelswithstephen.com/



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  1. Ruth Yunker

    January 23, 2014 at 6:34 am

    Fab fab fab, Ms Glorious Food Stalker!

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