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How many Fashion events can one Style Spy attend in a season? As many as she can stalk her way into of course. With a good dose of moxie and cleverness, it’s possible to get over on the world, well, at least temporarily. My best advice, attend with a purpose and above all wear black, sport a perma-scowl look under those large sunglasses and carry a bag even larger.

Sometimes you can’t be the perfect style spy, surviving on power bars, writing and editing till your fingers fall off. What you need is a touch of unbridled decadence and an invite from a gal pal to the 2nd annual FIDM Fashion Show at Fashion Island.  Allow me to introduce Stephanie Lloyd – a woman of impeccable style and manners who wears ensembles so rich and tasteful you feel the presence of  Hollywood glamour in her bones. This fashionista helped cast and produce National commercials and worked with Natalie Wood & Robert Wagner’s daughter Natasha. She met actor Gregory Peck at a swank A-list soiree and says he had such a commanding presence, it made her weak at the knees (even after a double martini). She double dated with Joan Collins during the Dynasty era, performed with an Improv group along with Helen Hunt and dated a man who landed on the moon. Throw in a little Studio 54, Saturday Night Live collaborations and teaching Ryan O’Neal’s son Lee and  you’ve got the makings of a memoir as hot as Gayle Green’s “Insatiable”!

As fate would have it, I was fashionably late to the event and missed my spot on the press platform (dress at the bloody dry cleaners and had to scramble at the 11th hour). Not to worry, with camera gear in tow I managed to secure the perfect vantage point – a front row seat (mission accomplished ). Who wouldn’t enjoy a fashion show while sipping champagne and nibbling on exquisite appetizers on a balmy southern California evening? Ah yes, the pounding music that accompanies the models walking down the runway, the whoops and hollers when the designer makes a brief appearance at the end. Each of the designers at the show all shared one thing in common; their love for their art in fashion. Such talent! It’s about being brave enough to attract us and to be an audacious explorer of all this wild world of fashion has to offer. One thing is for sure, I never grow tired of the cool vibe music or the rhythmic applause that signals the finale of a show. If something is newsworthy, isn’t it my professional stalker duty to cover it and keep you informed?

“Cadillac Couture,” a competition for the most innovative Haute Couture Red Carpet creations incorporating actual Cadillac car parts and accessories designed by FIDM students was full of creativity. (Yea, well placed hub caps and hood ornaments…you get the idea). The coolest part – all the proceeds benefit the FIDM Museum Fashion Council and their planned acquisition of The Helen Larson Historic Fashion Collection estimated at two and one half million dollars. Helen was a historian who travelled the world collecting fashions for over 50 years.  She rented some of her designs for films and kept the best for her personal collection. A great deal were from royal families and her private collection goes back to 1600 to 1950.  Sponsored by Cadillac, Irvine Company and Fashion Island, FIDM Museum Fashion Council certainly presented an evening to remember.

I didn’t get to take home any clothes from the runway show, though. What’s up with that?! Hey Brandon McDonald (talented fashion designer on Project Runway and dancer having trained at the prestigious Julliard), could we get something sent this way for the next Red Carpet? I’ll email my measurements…

Congratulations to all the lucky winners!

Special thanks to volunteer Publicity Co-Chair Mona Lee Nesseth for her generous support and all the volunteers. Chair: Mima Ransom, Branding Co-Chair: Dale Ransom, Education Co-Chair: Dorothy Metcalfe, Events and Volunteers Co-Chairs: Linda Knoth & Cheryl Iannello, Operations Co-Chair: Jim Nemmert, Outreach Co-Chair: Linda Plochocki, Sponsorship Co-Chairs: Mimi Johnson & Karyn Shelly, Student & Alumni Outreach Co-Chair- Bill Cliatt, Michael Cox, Nicole Garcia, Coco & Ruby and Mr. and Mr. and Mrs. Steven Plochocki.










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