Crickets, Crepes & Chocolate

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If it weren’t for the Dunkin Donuts sign I would have made it back to the hotel before the sun arrived—and husband whose plane was landing at noon. But after a sangria filled night and a bit too much flamenco, I needed more than a donut to cure that Barcelona late-night.  Except I didn’t make it to the donuts either, thanks to a flock of locals who seemed to know about a better cure.  Had no idea where they were headed at that dark hour, but followed several women through an unmarked door and right into the largest market my sangria filled eyes had ever seen.  And not just any market, but a genuine food paradise and more dizzying than even Dorothy landing in Oz.  Oh my!  Stall after stall piled with fruits, hams, cheeses, seafood, vegetables, chickens dangling with their heads and feet still on, and herbs so fresh I felt like I had landed in Oz too.  Only to find out from Pablo, whose fresh crepes lured me to his stall faster than a sale sign at Harrods, that I had landed at the world famous La Boqueria Market–and, with just one bite of his crepe, told me I’d fall madly in love with him too.  And I did, since he also had a brother who could operate a video camera.

Oh, the luck and joy of it all, and wanted to pack Pablo up and take him back home, but doubt I would have cleared customs.  But to finally find my soul mate crepe maker.  Even now, I can still taste all those luscious flavors—fresh fig and goat cheese, nut and tomato, which I happily inhaled with a few glasses of cava too of course, the Catalan’s answer to champagne and the perfect early morning cure.  But nothing beats that shimmery fresh seafood simply prepared with love, passion and soul–especially a heap of prawns and sardines with a basket of fresh bread.  Even Dorothy would have pitched those ruby slippers for the chance to capture all that and I nearly pitched mine after covering every inch of the market and eating everything but the camera, including a bowl of ham and cheese encrusted crickets—and the not to be missed chocolate, which can cure any estrogen-laced craving.

But they say what, where and how a country eats tells you more about who they are than any book, and you only have to go to that famed market to know why it takes just one bite to fall in love with Barcelona.

If only I could have clicked my heels to make it back to the hotel before husband did.  Oh my!


  1. Holly Valdez

    February 15, 2012 at 7:29 pm

    Wow, Sandie!!
    I so enjoyed this article and video
    About the market in Barcelona I could almost taste and smell it! It also brought back some
    vivid memories for me of my time there a decade ago!! Thank you for sharing!!! I am inspired again!

  2. Sandie Ward

    February 15, 2012 at 7:33 pm

    Holly, I can see you skipping down Las Ramblas and better yet, envision you singing in a local Tapas restaurant swooning the locals!

  3. Kristin Thomas

    February 16, 2012 at 1:23 am

    Felt like we were there!! What a sensory wonderland. I’m especially taken with the crepe hombre. What style! Love the way he looked at you, patted his creation, made his little noises & flipped those bad boys. Yum!

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