Sinfully Sense Filled

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What happens when a guy from San Francisco, who never went to cooking school, ends up in tapas filled Barcelona? He unpacks his knives and apron and opens up a Michelin-rated restaurant that becomes the talk of the tapas town. Or so I heard, and ever so intrigued grabbed my shades and tip-toed out the door to meet this legend while jet lagged Husband snored away in bed. At least he finally made it even though I was making it out the door again with that devil on one shoulder telling me to make a run for it before he came to, and the guilty little angel insisting I stay with my man. Oh, the guilt of it all—but only temporarily.

A quick cab ride later, and I was thoroughly guilt free and hugging chef Jordi Artal, who may have never worked in a professional kitchen, let alone a critically acclaimed restaurant, but certainly looked critically at home at Cinc Sentits, which far exceeded its acclaim too. I have no idea how to say “wow” in Spanish, but that’s what it was, starting with the aperitif, notably called the Cinc Sentits Shot, and what a shot it was. A layer of Cava foam, over a layer of cream, over a layer of maple syrup, over a grain of sea salt, and buzzed of course in one shot with my head bursting and eyes rolling afterwards. Like I said — wow!

And it just got better, from the squash soup that has ruined me for any other soup and the foie gras that puts all the geese in France to shame.  And scorpion fish?  Seriously, who even knew there was such a thing and possibly the best fish I’ve ever had.  Let’s just say, the guy knows how to turn even a pesky stalker like me into a stalking fan, and every course, well, if I could have hauled it all back to Laguna, I would have, including Artal, who definitely had all  my senses going.  Thus the name Cinc Sentits which aptly means “five senses” in Spanish. But my sixth sense was telling me I better hightail it back before Husband came to his senses.

But, oh, that Iberian suckling pig and citrus fruit cake with vodka ice. Just thinking about it makes me sensed out all over again, and understandable why it was named one of the six best restaurants in Spain and one of the 80 best in the world. But Husband still my number one–and still snoring away when I slipped back.

Some senses never change…..fortunately.


  1. Annie Speck

    February 15, 2012 at 9:13 pm

    Your photos of food are over-the-top wonderful!! xo

  2. Jordi Artal

    April 10, 2012 at 3:57 pm

    Was fun to meet you Sandie — all the best with your stalking adventures!

  3. thefoodstalker

    April 10, 2012 at 4:15 pm

    Great to see you stop by Chef Jordi! Loved doing the post on you and your establishment. Best to you and your family.

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